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Dr. Aziz, Urologist at Sault Area Hospital. He is in scrubs and smiles at the camera.
Dr. Elder, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Sault Area Hospital. He is in scrubs and smiles at the camera.

The C-Arm is

for Urology and Orthopedic Surgery.

Image of a C-Arm, a large piece of Medical Imaging Equipment used during surgery

Help us to reach $100,000!

Double your Impact: Give before June 30

Be part of something amazing! Your generous donations will help bring a vital piece of equipment to the Sault Area Hospital Operating Rooms. 

Give today and your donation will be matched up to $100,000! The clock is ticking, so don't miss out on the chance to double your impact before June 30!

Your support will help to fund a C-Arm for Sault Area Hospital.

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"I use the C-Arm for 40% of my work. Without it, I would need to refer around 100 cases a month to out-of-town facilities.”

Dr. Aziz, Urologist

The C-Arm is a crucial piece of equipment for Urology operations. It helps Dr. Aziz and his team to see delicate internal organs as they remove cancerous tissue and kidney stones, or repair delicate structures. Without a C-Arm, hundreds of patients would have to be referred to hospitals further away. Your gift will help to make outstanding care possible, close to home. 

dr elder_1080.png

"My team repairs broken bones with plates, screws and rods. We can't do this work without the C-Arm."

Dr. Elder,  Chief of Orthopedic Surgery

The C-Arm is vital in repairing broken bones with precision. It allows the surgical team to see continuous X-ray images as they place plates, screws, and rods - ensuring that they are in the correct position. Without the C-Arm, in these operations would be impossible. Donate today and support our surgeons in their life-changing work.


Your gift today will be matched!


Clark McDaniel, of Williams and McDaniel Property Management, has pledged to match your gifts toward the C-Arm, up to $100,000! 

“Investing in local healthcare is so important to me. Every family across Canada goes through a healthcare experience at some point in their lives – and it is only then that you realize how critical having access to outstanding local care really is.


For our families, friends, and the numerous residents and customers of Williams and McDaniel, I wanted to provide this support that would benefit the whole community. This C-Arm will touch the lives of thousands of people, and together we can bring it to Sault Area Hospital.” 
- Clark McDaniel, Williams and McDaniel Property Management

Please give today and double your impact. The deadline for giving is June 30, 2023!

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