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Elettra Marconi Society supports SSM

The Elettra Marconi Society hosts an annual celebration in March of each year where they make donations to the charities that mean the most to their members. The Elettra had raised a total of $20,000 to give to local charities and $6,000 was presented to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation to support the purchase of medical equipment needed to care for local patients. This donation is one that each and every member of the society is incredibly proud of. The Society has been supporting our community hospital for over 20 years now.

“We are here to support the community we love. This is our home. Each member has loved ones that might require the services at Sault Area Hospital. We are proud to know our donation will stay here in the community to take care of each of us when we need it the most.” Ida Simon, Elettra Marconi Society President.

We are inspired by the values that donors like the Elettra Society represent. Their gift comes from a place of taking care of our community and that starts with outstanding healthcare.

Thank you to each member of the Society for this generous donation!




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