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Meet Shirley

Does care stop when a patient leaves Sault Area Hospital? Not to Shirley.

Shirley is a Social Worker in the Renal Dialysis Department at SAH.

Shirley is focused on care for the patient and their family, and ensuring they can have as many resources as possible to transition from three times treatments at Sault Area Hospital to daily life at home.

Shirley and her coworkers worked behind the scenes to ensure safety was a priority whether at the hospital, on the way to the hospital or at home. When the pandemic started they worked with local supporters to secure much needed alcohol-based hand sanitizer that was given to patients to take home.

Discussions with the community partners responsible for bringing patients to their appointments focus on safety protocols, not just for our patients but also for the very important drivers. We all had to be united in safety in order to flatten the curve and keep everyone safe, especially the dialysis patients.

Due to Covid-19, our volunteers have been unable to come in to help those patients with mobility issues. Shirley and the Renal Dialysis team pitched in by greeting patients at the front entrance escorting them safely to their crucial treatments. It’s not just about the moments a patient is at SAH that is important to Shirley and her coworkers at Sault Area Hospital, it’s about ensuring each patient has the tools to be healthy, safe and supported during their entire healthcare journey.

Each year Shirley is delighted to see new pieces of equipment that improve the care experience her team is able to provide. From comfortable treatment chairs and blanket warmers to new dialysis machines and the modern diagnostic equipment needed to keep an eye on a patient’s treatment; all of it plays a role in taking care of our extended “family”.

This is why your donations are so important. Every year, donations from our community purchase equipment needed to care for local patients. Shirley and the rest of the Renal Dialysis Team depend on this equipment to ensure your care continues to be outstanding.

On behalf of Shirley, and her colleagues, we’re passing on their thanks.

Join us in making local care a priority. Help us show the Renal Dialysis Team, especially Shirley, that our community is so appreciative of her extra efforts and her dedication to safe patient care. Your donation will ensure our hospital is always ready to deliver outstanding care to the patients of our community.

Each and every member of the Renal Dialysis Team are heroes to their patients and families.

To those healthcare professionals, our donors are heroes too.

With every donation you make, you become a hero for someone at our hospital – helping us diagnose, treat, and cure tens of thousands of patients every year.




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