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Village Media gift supports local hospital Laboratory

Thanks to a generous $3,277.61 gift from Village Media, the Sault Area Hospital laboratory has acquired a brand-new Benchtop Serofuge. This cutting-edge equipment is an essential tool that supports transfusion services for cancer care and renal care patients.

24 people smile at the camera at the Village Media HQ. "Village" is written in large font across the wall behind them.
The Village Media team celebrates their gift to SAH Foundation

The Serofuge is a fascinating piece of equipment that separates red blood cells from serum. This helps the skilled technicians at Sault Area Hospital to find out the blood type and antibodies in the cells, so they can get the blood ready for transfusions.

The Serofuge is an impressive piece of equipment that separates red blood cells from serum, ensuring that the red blood cells have the right antibodies for each patient. This is important because if the antibodies on the red blood cells don't match those of the patient, the patient's body may reject the transfusion.

With the new Benchtop Serofuge, the hospital's laboratory can continue to provide this vital service to the community. The equipment has a lifespan of 7 years, which means that it will support excellent care for years to come.

We are thrilled to say a huge thank you to Village Media for their support!




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