You can make a difference in care for our community

Your donations will support our hospital's most urgent needs, as they arise.

The landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic changes rapidly.

For the latest information, please visit the websites of our partners:

Sault Area Hospital

Algoma Public Health

Ministry of Health - Ontario

Public Health Ontario

Government of Canada

World Health Organization


Our Foundation has been humbled by the number of community members and businesses reaching out and offering to help our hospital and our healthcare workers during this time of crisis.

We don't know what all of our needs will be - but we can be prepared to meet them.

Our Foundation budgets $100,000 each year for "emergency" capital needs. These are often pieces of equipment that unexpectedly or urgently need to be replaced. This year, those needs may be much greater - and could look very different.


Connection for Patients

For the safety of everyone at our hospital, there are strict visitor restrictions in place to protect patients who are admitted in our hospital. Our Foundation has provided support to help keep families connected while they can't visit.

Caring for Healthcare Workers

We've had requests from people wanting to drop off food and coffee to our front line workers to say thanks - and while the gesture is appreciated, we'd encourage you to make a donation instead. No one should be coming into our hospital unless they need to for care. By trusting us to extend this support on your behalf, we can ensure it's done in a way that honours your intention but keeps everyone safe.

Supplies and Equipment

Our needs are changing day-by-day, and we don't know if and how we will need to scale our services. Our goal is to respond quickly to help our hospital with their urgent equipment needs.

Any help you give today will be used for urgent needs, as they arise.

You've asked how you can ensure our caregivers have what they need. Here's how you can help.

Spending your dollars locally.

We know many of our donors are local business owners - so we are pledging to spend your donations locally as much as we possibly can.


Community support is what sustains this hospital. We want to support the businesses that have supported us. Together, we can weather this storm.



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Make a donation today to help Sault Area Hospital continue to deliver outstanding care.