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Want to help fund a vital signs monitor? Your gifts can help us purchase vital signs monitors across the hospital!

Many Construction Association members joined in to fund monitors during Heart Month in February. Thank you!


“As we celebrate Heart Month, we invite others in the construction industry to join us in helping fund this essential equipment. By supporting the replacement of vital signs monitors at our local hospital, you can make a lasting difference.”  

- Kerri Fryia, President of the Sault Ste. Marie Construction Association

Pictured is the Executive of the Sault Ste. Marie Construction Association. 



To celebrate Heart Month in February, we teamed up with local construction industry organizations to fund the replacement of Vital Signs Monitors at Sault Area Hospital.


Many of our vital signs monitors were 10+ years old, and needed to be retired this year. Newer tools can detect problems earlier and with more accuracy, providing caregivers with a better chance to deliver proactive care. Each new vital signs monitor should last for another 10 years, and would be put to use every day for the next decade.

Vital signs monitors are an essential tool - used every day, in every area of the hospital. They measure heart rate, breathing rate, temperature and blood pressure - giving our trained professionals insight into a patient's condition with a single glance. Caregivers rely on these machines to alert them when there is a problem, so they can intervene and provide care before a patient's condition worsens. 


SAHF will continue to share how local support makes an impact on cardiac care at Sault Area Hospital on our blog and social channels. Construction organizations interested in funding the replacement of these monitors can reach out to make their pledge. 


Want to join? Reach out!


705-759-3434 x4372

henderson photo.jpg

Local support funds vital care.

Thank you to these generous organizations who have supported the purchase of vital signs monitors at Sault Area Hospital!

George Stone & Sons Ltd.
Untitled design (5).png

15 Monitors

R.F. Contracting 
Rf Contracting.png

2 Monitors

EllisDon Construction
Untitled design (6).png

1 Monitor

DC Communications

Henderson Metal Fabricating 
Untitled design (4).png

10 Monitors

Construction Equipment Co.
Untitled design.png

1 Monitor

Mike Moore Construction Ltd.
Untitled design (7).png

1 Monitor

Interested in funding a monitor?
Join us graphic.gif

Click to get started!

Heritage Home Hardware
Untitled design (3).png

4 Monitors

Rector Machine Works

1 Monitor

Iron Workers Local 786
IW Local 786 - resized-01-01.jpg

1 Monitor


See how donations make a difference in cardiac care:

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