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Inspired by John Myles, let's create a legacy of outstanding care for stroke patients in Algoma District.

This year, Sault Area Hospital is replacing and renovating its Fluoroscopy Room - where specialized imaging procedures using real time moving x-ray images can be performed.


This room plays a vital role in helping not only stroke patients like John, but also those who have been in the ICU, on ventilators, head and neck cancer patients, and individuals with neurological diagnoses such as MS, ALS, or Parkinson's. It is a room that is used every single day, making a difference in the lives of so many.

The Fluoroscopy Room allows healthcare professionals to evaluate swallowing function, address issues, and design effective treatment plans to enhance speech and swallowing abilities. By supporting this cause, you're not only honouring John's memory, but you're also making a meaningful impact on the lives of patients who rely on the Fluoroscopy Room for improved health and well-being.

All donations given on this page, up to a maximum of $25,000, will be matched by John's wife - Krista.

Your gift today can kick off fundraising for the specialized Fluoroscopy Room, and Krista's matching funds will amplify the impact of your generosity!

This is the only Fluoroscopy room in the Algoma District. Together we can help to upgrade the entire room, creating a safe and comfortable environment for patients, inspired by John!

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