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How giving makes for great SAH stories

Thousands of people across Algoma care about local healthcare. And we are so grateful for your support: without you, Sault Area Hospital would not have the equipment that it needs to serve Algoma. When you give to Sault Area Hospital Foundation, you are helping our hospital's doctors, nurses, surgeons and technicians get the tools they need to provide outstanding care.

But the impact of your support goes far beyond just purchasing equipment. It touches the lives of real people in our community, like John Doncaster, who was able to spend two more precious years with his family thanks to the critical care equipment you helped us fund. Or like Brian Wilson, who has been getting cardiac care for more than 40 years. Or like little Everett Kent, who relied on NICU equipment for the first few weeks of his life. These are just a few of the amazing stories that local people like you have made possible.

Join us in creating even more great stories of outstanding care at Sault Area Hospital. Make a donation today to help ensure our hospital can provide these exceptional care experiences to everyone in our community. Thank you for your support!

Do you have a story of outstanding care? Your story could inspire others to join Sault Area Hospital Foundation in funding critical equipment for Sault Area Hospital. Share your story today.




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