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Group of 4 Friends win $98,037.50 in the August SAHF 50/50 Draw

On August 31st, Jacob Quinton, James Ferris, Peter Corbett, and Kevin Dearing, all of Sault Ste. Marie, won a $98,037.50 jackpot in the Sault Area Hospital Foundation (SAHF) August 50/50 draw. Their lucky number (A-9446397) was drawn electronically, and Jacob (the contact on the ticket) was called immediately.

Three men smile at the camera in the SAH Foundation office. They wear shorts and t-dhirts, and hold envelopes with their cheques in their hands. The gentleman in the middle, Peter, holds a printed photo of their fourth buddy Jacob.
While Jacob was away on a planned vacation, he didn’t want his friends to miss out on collecting their winnings ahead of his return. Pictured here are James Ferris, Peter Corbett and Kevin Dearing, with cheques in hand and a printed photo of Jacob!

The guys are old buddies, and Kevin was with Jacob when he got the call. Kevin said that Jacob knew right away that they had won. When asked why they supported, Kevin said, “We like to support the hospital because it’s such a good cause.”

James agreed, “We support all of the hospitals in the North. Living in the North, we know the struggles that our community faces with access to healthcare.”

Peter said: “It’s important that our hospital is able to treat issues in our community, like heart disease and things like that.” He added, “When I heard that James was getting involved, I knew I wanted in as well! This guy is lucky!”

And it’s true. James listed the prizes he has won through his life, from local lotteries, to TVs, to quilts! He has some advice to anyone who would like to win, “you have to buy tickets if you want to win!”

The funny thing is, Jacob accidentally bought twice this month. He forgot that he had made his initial purchase, so he got some more tickets later in the month. It was his second lot of tickets that won. Splitting the pot 4 ways, each man will take home $24,509.38.

The lucky 4 weren’t the only winners – August’s Early Birds, Andrea and Bob Soltys of Espanola, ON, were the lucky winners of a $10,000 prize on August 16th with ticket A-3082501.

“It was so exciting to have both draws this month with multiple winners! We’ve seen people play as groups of friends or coworkers, or as a family – coming together to support Sault Area Hospital Foundation through this lottery.” said Teresa Martone, Executive Director for Sault Area Hospital Foundation. She continued,

“Even when an individual takes home the prize – there are more winners at our hospital! New medical equipment is arriving regularly thanks to the support of our community, and we all win when we have these tools available for care. We appreciate everyone who purchases these tickets – as an individual, couple or group: you’re making outstanding care possible at Sault Area Hospital!”

Tickets for SAHF’s September 50/50 draw are on sale now! Get your tickets before 2pm on September 13th for a chance to win the $10,000 early bird prize – plus every ticket has a chance at the growing jackpot.

Tickets are 10 for $10; 60 for $20; 200 for $40; or 750 for $75. In addition to online sales at, tickets can be purchased in person at the Sault Area Hospital Foundation Office (750 Great Northern Road) from 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Ticket buyers must be 18 years of age or older and in the province of Ontario to play.

For more information, visit or email

Lottery Licence #RAF1325519





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