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Help Christina help our hospital

Who do you help when you give to SAHF?

You help people like Christina.

Christina is one of our hospital's Pharmacy Techs. She spends her days working in a special sterile room, preparing custom intravenous (IV) drugs for patients in our hospital. These IV medications can be worth thousands of dollars per dose and, once mixed, some of them can expire within hours.

Right now, it can take Christina up to 10 minutes to get into the proper protective gear to mix these medications. Once she is in the sterile room, she wipes everything down with alcohol to sterilize it again before she begins. She works under a special vent that keeps air flowing in the right direction while she mixes the medication. All the precautions Christina takes are for both her safety, and the safety of her patients at SAH.

Christina helps so many people in our hospital - mixing the medicine that can help them get better. This year, Christina needs our help.

For our Pharmacy to continue to mix custom IVs, we need to make some updates. The safety standards for sterile rooms are getting stricter, and we want to continue to keep Christina and her patients safe. We need to add a dedicated area for her to get into her clean protective gear. We need to build a pass-through window so she doesn't have to leave the sterile room to get the next order. And we need to create a pressurized storage area for hazardous medications - to reduce the risk to our pharmacy techs if something were to spill.

This project is one of dozens of items on Sault Area Hospital Foundation's list this year. Items that the Foundation can only fund with the support of our donors.

You can help Christina help our hospital - make a gift today.




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