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Help Micaela give a patient back their breath

Today may be #givingtuesday (the official start of the giving season) - but your gifts to SAHF can make it feel like Christmas all year round.

Thanks to community donations, Micaela and our Respiratory Therapy team have already unwrapped a new glidescope! When a patient's airway is difficult, the glidescope helps Respiratory Therapists like Micaela get a clear view to place a breathing tube. It makes it much easier for her to get the tube placed on the first try, and it's more comfortable for her patients.

The glidescope is used all over the hospital: in the emergency room, the intensive care unit (ICU), and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). It's an important tool, and it never would have arrived at our hospital without the support of generous donors in our community.

Micaela and the Respiratory Therapy team can still use your help.

The Respiratory Therapy team need new ventilators for the ICU and NICU. A ventilator helps a patient breathe when they can't breathe on their own. They're often used for the most critical patients in our hospital. The new ventilators will be more comfortable for patients. They'll also make it easier for patients to breathe on their own (again) sooner. Each ventilator can cost almost $60,000 and we will need to replace 10 of them over the next few years.

This project is one of dozens of items on Sault Area Hospital Foundation's list this year. Items that the Foundation can only fund with the support of donors like you.

Your donations help Micaela give a patient back their breath - make a gift today at




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