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Local donations help Radiologists at SAH

Local people have helped purchase four brand new, high-quality radiology monitors.

Dr. Yau, Radiologist, smiles at the camera from behind a facemask. He is sat at a desk with one of the new radiology monitors showing X-ray images of a shoulder.
Dr. Yau, Radiologist, with one of the new Radiology Monitors funded by donations to SAHF

At first glance, a “radiology monitor” might just look like another computer screen. For Radiologists at Sault Area Hospital, they are a critical tool.

Radiologists at SAH can spend 12-14 hours a day looking at these monitors and analyzing their images. It is their job to look at images from X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs and more to and report their findings. They are the people that look at these images and diagnose problems: if a lump looks suspicious, a bone is broken, an unborn baby is developing properly, or an artery is blocked.

The pictures that Radiologists see need to be as clear as possible so that they can make accurate diagnoses. That's why the new Radiology Monitors, funded by local donations, are so important!

"Keeping equipment up-to-date is so important. Your support is helping us continue to provide outstanding patient care at Sault Area Hospital. Thank you!”

Dr. Jaron Yau, Chief Radiologist


Radiologists rely on their eyes to do their work. If you’ve ever spent long hours staring at a computer screen, you know the strain it can cause. These new monitors are specially designed to minimize reflection and adjust to ambient lighting – reducing eye strain and protecting our radiologists eyes.

The other big change is the colour. The old monitors only displayed in black and white - they couldn't show colour images. Where this works well for X-rays, seeing colour images helps radiologists to see the blood flow in dynamic (moving) images. Before, colour images were accessible via a separate screen, but this slowed our radiologists down. Now, every scan can be accessed through a single screen, providing the most efficient process for SAH staff.

Donations from our local community have turned a black and white world to colour for Sault Area Hospital Radiologists. Thank you for your support!


New technology benefits everyone, from patients to staff members. You, too can contribute toward new technology - make a donation today.




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