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Sault Area Hospital needs a new Fluoroscopy Room

The Fluoroscopy Room is a crucial part of the Medical Imaging Department at Sault Area Hospital, supporting hundreds of patients through the year. But after serving the hospital for more than 12 years, the equipment used within the room urgently needs to be replaced.

A female patient swallows a barium mixture as a technician operates equipment in the fluoroscopy room. A screen displays how the barium mixture is moving through the body.
A modified barium swallow performed in a Fluoroscopy Room

The Fluoroscopy Room plays a pivotal role in diagnosing medical issues and planning treatments. Using real-time moving-image x-ray imaging, it supports patients with neurological diagnoses, ICU patients, and stroke patients.

One important test that uses Fluoroscopy is the modified barium swallow, performed by speech language pathologists. In this test, a patient swallows a mixture that contains barium, which is a substance visible on x-rays. A care professional can then use the equipment in the Fluoroscopy room to see how the mixture moves through the throat muscles in real time.

One of the uses for this test is to help create a recovery program for stroke patients who have trouble swallowing. The test helps the speech language pathologist to determine the best diet for the patient, and establish next steps for the patient's recovery.

The Fluoroscopy Room at Sault Area Hospital is the only one in the Algoma District, and has been in use since the hospital opened in 2011. That means the tools are now 12+ years old, and need to be replaced.

We need your support to bring in new equipment and ensure that the Fluoroscopy room is available to everyone in the Algoma District when they need it.


Help to replace critical equipment at Sault Area Hospital




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