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We Sing That They Shall Speak

The Northland Barbershop Chorus, now celebrating their 53rd annual show, is a staple of our community. The group, known for its singing skills, organizes an incredible show to entertain their patrons. They do this for two reasons: passion for the art and through the kindness in their hearts. This event has acted as a fundraiser for our local healthcare since 1995, helping fund equipment purchases for Sault Area Hospital’s Speech Pathology Department. Their contributions have helped our healthcare providers treat patients in need and support them and their families as they work towards their goals.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished with our annual show. Doing what we love in our community and supporting those in need, it’s just a natural fit. We have met with the healthcare providers that care for local patients and spent time singing in the in-patient units to entertain those in care, it feels incredible that we can be part of something so important in our community.” says Bob Shami, Northland Barbershop Chorus.

The Northland Barbershop Chorus during their 2016 Christmas visit in the Sault Area Hospital lobby.

The group’s relationship with healthcare began in 1995 when Alana MacIntyre, a local Speech Pathologist, contacted the Northland Barbershop Chorus for a $30 donation to support the Speech Pathology Department. The group’s Board saw the value in supporting this department at our local Hospital as the best fit for their funding. A modest ask for $30 in 1995 has turned into $88,000 over the past 22 years.

A few years later Bob’s son received specialized care for speech issues at a young age. This experience demonstrated for him and his family the importance of locally-available healthcare.

The Northland Barbershop Chorus singing to patients at Christmas visit.

The Northland Barbershop Chorus’s theme song is “We Sing That They Shall Speak.” This song resonates with special meaning and purpose with the chorus.

"We sing that they shall speak, the lips in silence bound.

"We sing that young hearts everywhere may thrill to joy new found,

"May learn to know and tell the love they now in silence seek.

We sing to free each youthful soul.

"We sing that they shall speak."

Kayla, Speech Language Pathologist at SAH and Bob Shami in front of the Northland Barbershop Chorus' recognition at our Hospital.

A total of $88,000, including this year, has been donated from the annual show over the years to support our local healthcare. Since 1995 the advancement of services has helped treat patients who would have in the past had to travel for treatment. The patients that require our Hospital’s Speech Pathology services can expect care that is nothing less than excellent. We sing because iCcare!




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