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You’ve turned a black-and-white world to colour!

Your gifts have helped purchase four brand new, high-quality radiology monitors.

Dr. Yau and Franci Rogers with the new monitors.
(L-R) Dr. Yau, Radiologist and Franci Rogers, Manager of Medical Imaging

At first glance, a “radiology monitor” might just look like another computer screen. For our Radiologists, they’re a critical tool.

Radiologists at SAH can spend 12-14 hours a day at these monitors, “reading” imaging studies. It is their job to look at x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs and more to report on what they see. Whether a lump looks suspicious. Whether a bone is broken. Whether an unborn baby is developing properly. Or whether an artery is blocked. It’s critical that the pictures they see are as clear as possible to make accurate diagnoses.

The older monitors that were replaced were designed to display high-quality black-and-white images. While many images are read in black-and-white (think of an x-ray), colour can be an important tool to show blood flow on dynamic (moving) images. Before, if a Radiologist needed to see a colour version, they would pull it up on a separate monitor. Now, with new colour monitors, both images can be viewed at the same high quality!

Radiologists rely on their eyes to do their work. If you’ve ever spent long hours staring at a computer screen, you know the strain it can cause. These new monitors are specially designed to minimize reflection and adjust to ambient lighting – reducing eye strain and protecting our radiologists eyes.

Thanks to you, our radiologists can continue to provide outstanding care for years to come using their new monitors.

“Keeping equipment up-to-date is so important. Your support is helping us continue to provide outstanding patient care at Sault Area Hospital. Thank you!” - Dr. Jaron Yau, Chief Radiologist



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