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Anneliese gives Birthday Bucks to SAHF

Meet Anneliese Chiarot! She is 6 years old and made her first donation to our hospital.

Anneliese recently celebrated her 6th birthday at the beginning of March. Instead of her guests bringing gifts, her parents requested they bring 2 toonies. 1 toonie for the birthday girl to use towards an item she wants and 1 toonie for Anneliese to donate to a cause/charity of her choice.

"We were introduced to this concept a couple of years ago by some close friends, and have adopted this for our kid's parties ever since. We have found that this is a great way to reduce pressure on parents to shop for birthday gifts, in addition to providing an excellent opportunity to teach our kids about the importance of giving to others in need." Becky, Anneliese's Mother.

This year Anneliese chose to make a donation to support Cancer Care at Sault Area Hospital. Thank you, Anneliese, for supporting your local hospital!




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