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Because when you need it, it'll be there

The Sault Area Hospital is not a place that Wayne Chorney was familiar with. Beyond being a visitor, he had never been hospitalized and only required care after tearing some ligaments in his knee at the age of 15. Healthcare had never been on his radar, but today it is.

Mr. Chorney understands how crucial excellent care is to our community and how health care providers require the right tools to save lives because his life was saved in 2012.

Wayne was taken to the Sault Area Hospital via ambulance and ultimately endured a lengthy surgery. He initially spent time in ICU and thereafter spent the balance of his stay on the surgery floor. “The caregivers did everything they could to not only care for me physically but also emotionally. I was treated with respect, privacy and discretion.”

The physicians, nurses and the rest of the SAH staff he interacted with placed him first.

The hospitalization changed his perspective on everything. Mr. Chorney made revisions to his Will to include the Sault Area Hospital Foundation as a named beneficiary. He wants to ensure that the critical care he received is always available to the people of Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District.

“I was so grateful to be there. The care I received at our local hospital provided me with insight into our local health care and, particularly, the significant daily operating costs involved. I wish to be part of ensuring that quality care for the people of our community is readily available when they require it most” says Wayne.

I also became good friends with two of my treating physicians. To this day we socialize. I have become acutely aware of what they do on a daily basis for their patients and the tools that they need to provide quality care.

On behalf of the Sault Area Hospital Foundation, we would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Chorney for sharing his story and for the generosity of his family’s estate planning in support of our local health care.




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