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Caring for families in the ICU

When a patient ends up in Intensive Care, it's often sudden. The patient is in serious or critical condition, and their family doesn't want to leave their bedside.

This happened to Albert Giommi - the owner of National Supply Centre in Sault Ste. Marie. When his mother took ill, he didn't want to go home, but couldn't get comfortable on the small plastic chairs that were available. He reached out to Sault Area Hospital Foundation to ask if there was a way his company could donate some better chairs for family members who wanted to stay in the ICU.

Working together with our hospital, we found hospital-grade chairs with high backs that wouldn't take up too much space (in case they needed to get people or equipment into the room to help the patient). They aren't a bed, but they do make the experience of sitting with a critically ill family member a little easier.

Since then, National Supply Centre has committed to giving $10,000 each year to help purchase the medical equipment that makes outstanding care possible, here at Sault Area Hospital. Donors like National Supply, and you, are the reason so many people can get care with their families close by. You make the difference. On behalf of all of the families that get care at SAH, thank you.




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