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Community support helps new graduates to thrive at Sault Area Hospital

Thanks to the donations given to Sault Area Hospital Foundation, the Emergency Department just received 4 brand new stretchers that are already improving care experiences for patients and staff.

Smooth Moves

The old stretchers had a foot pedal to raise and lower the patient. Care workers would have to physically pump the pedal, which was tiring. The new stretchers use hydraulics, moving patients with the push of a button. They also have a fifth wheel in the bed frame, making them easier to manoeuvre.

A photo of a stretcher in an Emergency Department room.
New stretchers in the ED help make a difference in patient care and healthcare worker's experience.

Easier X-Rays

The new stretchers have a gap between the mattress and the bed frame for sliding in a portable x-ray plate. This is critical for patients who come into the department with trauma: they can have an x-ray done without leaving the bed.

Quick Weights

The new stretchers also weigh the patient as soon as they lie down. Since weight can impact medication dosage, having this information right away is important.

Community donations support new graduates.

Two young women posing in front of medical equipment
Recent graduates of the Sault College Nursing program, Breanne (left) and Rylee (right)

This summer, eight new graduates joined the Emergency Department care team. Local support helps to fund the equipment that new nurses need to provide outstanding care.

“I worked in the Emergency Department at Sault Area Hospital as part of my nursing program,” shares Breanne Seaton, RN, and a recent graduate of Sault College. “I chose to come back because I like the environment, and the team is fantastic!”


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