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Emergency Department needs new medication cabinet

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Medication plays a critical role in helping patients get better. But, in a large hospital, not only do we need to make sure that medication is tracked and kept secure – it needs to be available close to where care happens.

A healthcare worker's hand pointing at a screen attached to a medication dispensing station.
Medication cabinets help staff provide lifesaving medication safely and effectively

With millions of doses of medication delivered across Sault Area Hospital each year, having secure medication dispensing cabinets in key areas is essential.

Medication dispensing cabinets ensure the safe and effective distribution of medication to patients. When medications are available where care is happening, they can be administered quickly as patient condition changes.

The cabinets also connect to each patient’s electronic medical record, which can guide the care team to the correct medication and reduce the chance of medication errors.

The Emergency Department is one of a few areas scheduled to get a new medication dispensing cart this year. In this area, accessible medication is critical. When nurses have to travel for medication, it can create time delays – and in an emergency, every second counts.

Each medication dispensing station costs approximately $12,800 and is expected to last 10 years before being replaced.

While patients may not notice the impact this has on their experience, care providers certainly will! Your gifts to Sault Area Hospital Foundation ensure our Emergency Department has the tools to deliver outstanding care, like this new medication dispensing cabinet.


When you support new medication cabinets, you empower Sault Area Staff to deliver swift, efficient, and life-saving care without interruptions. Join us in making a difference today.




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