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Your Gifts have Transformed Surgical Care

New technology has modernized all six operating room (OR) suites at Sault Area Hospital, benefiting both staff and patients.

An inside look at one of the hospital's operating rooms: equipment surround an operating table
The OR Integration System has brought new technology to SAH Surgical Care

Ryan Crozier is the Surgical Program Business Analyst at Sault Area Hospital. Working with the surgeons and staff in the department, it’s his job to make recommendations on equipment needed for the Surgical Department.

While it was a big investment, Ryan knew that a new 4K OR Integration System would have a huge impact for surgeons and staff at SAH.

“The OR Integration System has brought a new way for the surgical team to visualize, share and capture information. Now, every team member can see exactly what the surgeon is doing,” Ryan says.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

During surgery, a number of tools help the surgical team to understand what is happening inside the body. Microscopes help surgeons get a closer look at their work. Endoscopes show video footage from inside the body. X-ray machines show images of bone structure.

Previously, these machines all operated independently from one another. A surgeon using a microscope would describe what they could see through the device’s lens, as there was no video footage available. Endoscopes and X-ray machines displayed information in SD & HD on much smaller screens.


“In the OR, everyone must work as a team. Donors are a part of that team. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Ryan Crozier, Surgical Program Business Analyst


You’re making oustanding surgery possible!

Thanks to your donations, all six OR suites have undergone a huge technological enhancement. The OR Integration System connects the medical equipment in the OR. Its 4K camera system and wireless network of portable monitors help staff to view information.

From a single computer, a nurse or physician can display images from a microscope, endoscope, or x-ray machine on two or three monitors in the OR in vivid 4K clarity. The monitors can be moved so the whole team can view them during surgery, creating opportunities for teaching and learning.

Patient records are now accessible and easy to update directly from the OR. “Before we had the OR Integration system, we would have to print images and add them to physical copies of patient records.” Ryan explains, “Now we attach them directly to the digital medical record. This reduces the risk of losing images, which ensures that everyone caring for a patient has the right information.”

This massive upgrade puts SAH in league with 10 other hospitals in Ontario who have made this critical shift. The new technology will undoubtely help the hospital recruit new surgeons to our area, with the latest and greatest tools. None of this would be possible without your generous donations. Thank you!


Your donations fund the equipment that our Surgical Care team use every day.




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