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Upcoming Need: Help our patients hear, breathe, and swallow!

Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgery can improve a patient’s ability to hear well, breathe comfortably, or swallow. To perform these surgeries safely, our specialists need certain tools. Several of these have been prioritized for purchase or replacement this year:

A monitor shows images that display the location of the microdebrider and sensitive tissues during sinus surgery
The ENT Navigator provides medical imaging during sinus surgery


This tool is used in in surgery for patients who have chronic sinus problems that cause breathing difficulties. It looks like a thin tube, and works by slicing away small pieces of tissue and removing them with suction.

ENT Navigator

This equipment works with the microdebrider by showing the instrument location within the skull with 3D pinpoint accuracy.

A close-up image of an ENT high-speed drill. It is the same shape as a pen, made of stainless steel, with a blue handle. The words "ENT MR8 High Speed Drill" are in white on the handle.
The new equipment is fine-tuned for better accuracy and handling

ENT Microscope

An ENT Microscope helps the surgeon see while they perform delicate, precision surgery on the middle and inner ear.

ENT High-Speed Drill

The high-speed drill is used in middle ear and inner ear surgery, helping to improve or restore a patients’ hearing. The new equipment is fine-tuned for better accuracy and handling. Dr. Rebello, one of our ENT surgeons, predicts that it will make surgery more efficient, allowing her to schedule two surgeries per day instead of one. This will help to shorten the wait time for this procedure.

With your continued support, we can raise the $297,900 needed to purchase these specialized tools. This equipment will be in use for the next ten years, meaning your support will make outstanding care possible for years to come.


Your donations fund vital tools for Sault Area Hospital.



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