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Generous "Friends" bring new cancer test to SSM

A new locally-based lab test will help your loved ones get answers quicker

This spring, the Friends of Sault Area Hospital (a group of local entrepreneurs, physicians and community leaders who provide ongoing support to Sault Area Hospital Foundation) earmarked $200,000 from their annual commitment to introduce a new locally-based lab test.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a test most commonly used in the diagnosis of challenging cancers. It uses a special type of staining reaction to “light up” key features in a tissue sample so they can be identified under a microscope. This can help our pathologists clinch a difficult diagnosis, giving them the information to identify the exact cancer type and variety. Some cancers respond better to certain treatments – so the more precise the diagnosis, the better the medical team can match it to an effective treatment plan. This makes tests that help support precise diagnosis, like IHC, invaluable in the care journey.

Right now, SAH sends samples for IHC staining to a lab in Southern Ontario, which can introduce delays. With local IHC testing, we could see results ready for review by a pathologist in as little as 48 hours, and we could offer this service to other nearby hospitals. IHC is considered a standard tool in most major labs, and having it at SAH will allow us to bring in and keep more trained lab professionals here.

"The Friends know that being part of a community is making things better for everyone." Dr. Michael D'Agostino, Pathologist

The Friends were proud to support IHC not just because of how it will benefit local patients – but because of the economic impact it will have on our community (keeping more work and expertise local). Thank you, Friends!


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