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Help Enza get results, faster

It can be easy to overlook the laboratory at Sault Area Hospital. When things are running smoothly in the lab, you might not notice it at all. But our lab is a critical part of our hospital.

The lab processes over 2 million samples every year. If your doctor is running a blood, fluid or tissue test to diagnose a problem, it goes through our lab. Technologists like Enza work to get your caregiver the information they need. Enza analyzes your sample, and records the results. The quicker we get results, the quicker your caregivers can make a diagnosis and start treatment.

Our lab has everything that larger centres have - it needs to. While the instruments used in the lab can be expensive, they’ve become basic tools we're expected to have on site. When we don't have the right instruments to perform a test, we may need to send samples away - which can take a long time.

You can help Enza get answers for her patients.

The lab needs three new analyzers this year - which could shorten processing time for some tests to a matter of a few minutes. That means those patients may have a shorter stay, or could avoid having to stay in hospital at all!

Tests happen faster because the new analyzers involve less manual work. It doesn't take Enza's job away - it just lets her work on more than one sample at the same time. This means she can get results for more patients much quicker.

This project is one of dozens of items on Sault Area Hospital Foundation's list this year. Items that the Foundation can only fund with the support of donors like you.

Help Enza get results, faster. Give now.




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