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How kids are helping our hospital

Our Foundation counts on support from our whole community to make outstanding care possible at SAH - but it's always so inspiring when it's some of our youngest Saultites finding ways to give back.

This past month there have been several great stories of triple-digit gifts from single-digit youngsters!

Little people have been making a big impact on our hospital.

When Cameron celebrated her 9th birthday, she wanted to find a way to help the hospital.

She and her family sewed a bunch of face masks and sold them throughout the week and at her socially distant drive-by birthday party. She raised $265 and proudly donated it to support Sault Area Hospital.

Kyle wanted to raise some money “for the doctors to make the virus go away”.

He sold some of his toys, and ended up donating $115 to Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

He said he “wants to make people feel better and he wants to see his friends”.

We're sure many of you share his sentiment!

When school moved "online" this spring, Miss Pedatella and Mrs. Avery's JK/SK class at Holy Family Catholic school started a reading challenge they called "snuggle up and read for healthcare".

Miss Pedatella promised to donate a toonie to Sault Area Hospital Foundation for every 10 books each student read.

The kids read over 500 books, resulting in a $100 donation!

"As young as these little ones are, this is when it begins." - Mary Pedatella, JK/SK teacher

Every donation helps Sault Area Hospital provide care close to home. No matter the size of the gift, people like Cameron, Kyle, the entire JK/SK class from Holy Family Catholic School and you are making a difference.

We are grateful for your support - in the past, the present, and into the future. Together we can make outstanding care possible.




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