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I give to remember my father, and in gratitude of the care he received in his lifetime

Lisa Case is the Clinical Director of Mental Health and Addictions at Sault Area Hospital. She is also a proud payroll donor to Sault Area Hospital Foundation.

"I would give whether I was employed here or not," Lisa says. "I want to do my part for the community."

Lisa shares that her father had health complications before passing away. She gives in gratitude of the outstanding care that he received while he was in hospital.

"I give as a way to remember him, and in gratitude of the amazing care he received," Lisa explains. "My mother has also benefitted from the hospital. She is alive today because of the care she received at Sault Area Hospital."

Lisa personalizes her gift by putting it towards the department she works in - Mental Health and Addictions. That means Lisa’s gifts will be used to help support the needs in her own area. "I can see the impact of my donations every day," Lisa says.

Join Lisa and support our hospital through payroll giving.




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