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My husband is alive today thanks to outstanding care at SAH

Lyne Gallant is a switchboard operator at Sault Area Hospital. As well as helping hundreds of people at work every day, she gives to Sault Area Hospital Foundation via Payroll Giving.

After working here for years, Lyne came to truly understand the hospital’s significance for our community when her husband was involved in a traffic accident. "My husband is an avid cyclist." Lyne shares. "He was involved in a collision while on his bicycle."

Lyne’s husband had serious injuries, requiring the attention of several specialty teams. “After many medical imaging tests, the care team found he had a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord damage. He required a lot of physiotherapy.” Lyne shares. “He also has ongoing cancer care. Through all of this, I’ve seen how the different areas of the hospital come together to make people well again.”

Lyne's husband has ongoing cancer care at Sault Area Hospital and has recovered well from his injuries. He is back to doing what he loves most – cycling. "My husband is alive thanks to the outstanding care he received at this hospital," Lyne says. "That is why I give back to SAHF."




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