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Jennifer appreciates your support

While all in our hospital are on the “front line”, our Emergency Department is the “first line” of defense for patients arriving at Sault Area Hospital.

Meet Jennifer – a Registered Practical Nurse in the Emergency Department at SAH.

Jennifer in her scrubs and mask

Prior to COVID-19, Jennifer worked in the Fast Track clinic. As the hospital prepared for the pandemic, the Emergency Department had to shift the way they were operating. They divided into sections for patients who could possibly have COVID (“hot” or “warm”), and for those who likely didn’t (“cold”). Nurses were separated into teams, and would prepare accordingly. The more likely a patient was to have COVID, the more protective gear our nurses would have to wear – including gowns, masks, face shields, and more.

“Hot” patients have to be isolated, with services brought to them instead of transporting them around the hospital to reduce their risk of spreading COVID-19. Because of this, Jennifer has been so grateful for the new portable x-ray unit that was purchased using some of last year’s donations: it’s made a huge difference in the care of her patients in the Emergency Department these last few months. The new x-ray unit can be brought right into the patient’s room, can get an image much quicker, and causes less stress and discomfort for the patient. For Jennifer, it also means her patient never has to leave her care to get an x-ray done.

While anxieties have been high at times over the last few months, Jennifer has focused on how it’s been a fantastic learning opportunity for her. In the Fast Track clinic, she didn’t have the same chances to work alongside the seasoned RNs of the Emergency Department; and now she is picking things up from them every time she is at work! While her smile may be behind a mask, her optimism and sunny disposition shines through all of the protective gear she dons to stay safe.

Jennifer and her colleagues in the Emergency Department are so grateful for all the support the community has shown. While they are heroes to us, we can be heroes to them too.

If you want to continue to show your support to front line workers like Jennifer, consider making a donation to Sault Area Hospital Foundation. While last year’s gifts have already helped with the new portable x-ray unit, this year the Emergency Department needs a new bladder scanner. You can help them get it by making a gift today.




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