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Just do it! It's not about how much.

Moyra Hughes O’Pallie is one interested and interesting woman.

Although not originally from Sault Ste. Marie, she’s made this city her home and she is invested in the happenings of this community. As a former elementary school teacher and principal, she still gets recognized by her students as she’s walking and biking around town.

O’Pallie makes a point of educating herself: “Be alert. Be informed. Keep in touch with what’s going on around you.” That’s O’ Pallie’s community -minded approach to life. For this reason, she has always been very involved in municipal, educational, parish, boards and committees: "I am an activator, not just a spectator.”

She took this same approach when deciding how to direct her gift to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation. Welcoming the opportunity to learn more about the hospital’s equipment needs, she toured several departments when making her decision. It wasn’t until she learned about the needs of dialysis patients during a meeting with Renal Department manager Mindy Lindstedt that she decided where her donation would be best put to use.

Moyra’s donation helped purchase 30 state-of-the-art dialysis machines. This equipment not only helps the caregivers over quality treatment to renal dialysis patients, but also gives comfort to their loved ones as well.

"Ed (Moyra’s late husband) would have been very pleased with this decision to help many others."

Her husband’s health had deteriorated when the couple returned to the Soo after a brief post-retirement absence. During their time in Alliston, Ontario, the O’Pallie’s could not find a family doctor. By the time they finally met with a physician in Barrie, Ed’s diabetes diagnosis was serious. Weekly treks to Sunnybrook Hospital left the pair struggling and feeling like they had “fallen through the cracks.” It was then they decided to come home.

Thankfully they received excellent care from their “diabetic team” - Dr. Bragaglia and Dr. Fratesi - when they returned to the Soo. Moyra calls the pair “real gems” and praises their work ethic.

When reflecting on the importance of philanthropy, Moyra’s message is clear: “Just do it. It’s not about how much you give, it’s the fact that you’re doing something”. She tells potential donors that it “feels good to be a part of something bigger”.

Thank you Moyra.


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