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Local kids fundraise for Sault Area Hospital

An enormous thank you to Amelia Richard, Nylah Braido and Mikaila Braido!!

During the holidays, this trio of terrific fundraisers set up a Cookie and Hot Chocolate Sale in their neighbourhood. They researched the best recipes, made an awesome poster, and invited their friends and family to come along.

It is always so inspiring to see young people stepping up to fundraise for their local community! This is such an incredibly kind thing to do.

These local kids fundraised $315.65 in support of our Peadiatric Unit at Sault Area Hospital! Thank you Amelia, Nylah and Mikaila!

three girls hold up a big poster that reads, "We sell hot coco and cookies, money goes to hospital"
Amelia Richard, Nylah Braido and Mikaila Braido raised money for Sault Area Hospital over the holidays!


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