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Married at my mother-in-law's bedside

This holiday season, local photographer Meaghan Kent is sharing how her family has received outstanding care over the years at Sault Area Hospital.

Meaghan poses with her camera in hand. She has long blonde hair and wears a blue shirt.
Meaghan Kent, shares how her family has received outstanding care.

Some of the most important moments of Meaghan Kent's life are marked by a connection to Sault Area Hospital. The day she got engaged to her now-husband, Jason, her mother-in-law, Kim Kent, was ringing the bell in the Cancer Clinic.

Kim had skin cancer before Meaghan and Jason had met. At first the doctors thought it would never happen again – but they found a lump on one of her lymph nodes and it spread from there. When Kim rang the bell, the family all thought she was in remission – but two weeks later during a scan, the care team found the cancer had traveled to her brain. Things moved fast from there.

Meaghan wears a white wedding dress and veil, and her husband Jason is in military uniform, on the day of their wedding at Sault Area Hospital. They are stood either side of a hospital bed, where Jason's mom, Kim Kent, is lying down between the couple and holding their hands.
Meaghan and Jason's marriage ceremony was conducted at Kim Kent's bedside in Sault Area Hospital.

Before Kim was whisked away to hospice, the doctors and nurses helped Meaghan and Jason to arrange it so that they could have a marriage ceremony in Kim's hospital room. "It was the hardest thing, but it was the most incredible experience," said Meaghan.

Meaghan and Jason were legally married at Kim's bedside, at Sault Area Hospital.

"This is the kind of care you can only get in a community like ours – where people really, genuinely care about each other. Where the nurses and doctors are our neighbours, friends and clients."

Meaghan and her family continue to support Sault Area Hospital because of the incredible care experiences they've had. Gifts to Sault Area Hospital Foundation are making sure the medical professionals at our local hospital have the tools they need to deliver outstanding care here in our community.

"I will always do my part to give back to Sault Area Hospital because it’s been there for me and my family, and I know it will be there for yours too, should you ever need it."

You can do your part by giving to SAHF today.




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