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Say "Hi" to our new MRI!

When Sault Area Hospital needed a new MRI machine, our local community stepped up to provide the funding. Now, our hospital is equipped with the latest MRI technology.

This August, Sault Area Hospital booted up a brand-new MRI. This $3.2 million machine was several years in the making, and brings the hospital incredible new imaging possibilities.

When talking about the new machine, Franci Rogers, Manager of Medical Imaging, and her colleague, Lisa Shackleton, light up with excitement. The new MRI benefits from ten years of technological advancement.

“The new MRI has sensors that can detect the patient’s body and automatically move them into the best position for the scan. This saves time and improves accuracy – previously, positioning was done manually,” Lisa comments.

A patient enters the new MRI machine
RF coils are placed on the body to acquire imaging

“The MRI offers artificial intelligence that helps the team swiftly identify internal organs and abnormal tissues that may be a sign of disease or injury,” Franci shares, “which means we can diagnose patients accurately and quickly.”

The new technology makes MRI scans more comfortable, for both patients and staff. The bore (opening) is wider, making the experience less claustrophobic. The table can be lowered further, helping patients to transition from wheelchair to bed more easily. Accessories that are used to acquire imaging (RF coils) now weigh less, reducing the risk of injury for the staff who lift them every day.

“So many patients rely on Sault Area Hospital. It is vital that we keep up with the latest technology to continue to provide an excellent standard of care. I am so thankful to the donors who have made this replacement possible.”

Franci Rogers, Manager of Medical Imaging

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