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Bruce Mines Fire Dept. support Cancer Care

For Breast Cancer Awareness month, The Bruce Mines Fire Department held a hazardous waste awareness fundraiser and raised $500 for the Cancer Care Unit!

Jeff wears the Fire Departmnet uniform and smiles with his cheque for the SAH Foundation
Jeff Morehouse, Bruce Mines Fire Association Chief dropped off the department's donation to the SAHF office

The fundraiser gave residents of Bruce Mines an opportunity to bring their household hazardous waste materials to the fire hall with a donation. In exchange, the Bruce Mines Fire Department disposed of the material at the SSM Hazardous Waste Depot.

They donated $500 to the Cancer Care Unit to show their support for Breast Cancer research, detection, prevention and treatment.

Hazardous waste is a fire risk and includes common household items like paints and stains, propane tanks, used oil, aerosols, household cleaners and more. If you are concerned about hazardous waste, go to the SSM Hazardous Waste Depot web page to find out more.

A huge thank you to the Bruce Mines Fire Dept. for supporting our local hospital!


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