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What is a Limb Positioner?

The Operating Room at Sault Area Hospital has a brand new Limb Positioner, funded by the contributions of our local community. This tool is vital for hundreds of operations performed throughout the year - but what exactly is a Limb Positioner?

The Spider Limb Positioner during elbow surgery

Many operations require the body to be held in a certain position for the duration of the procedure. Joint surgery, such as shoulder, knee, or ankle surgery, requires the patient's arm or leg to be held at the right angle for surgeons to operate. This requires a special piece of equipment that can gently hold the limb in position for a long time.

This equipment is called a Limb Positioner!

25 years ago, before the Limb Positioner had been invented, a member of the care team would stand next to the operating table and hold the patient's arm or leg in place for the duration of the surgery. But, arms and legs are heavier than you might think! Holding a limb for any length of time is very difficult for a human to do - and if the patient moves even an inch, this makes the operation more difficult for the surgeon.

Thankfully, as time went on, new technology stepped in to help the surgical team, and has been improving ever since. Last year, we replaced our hospital's Limb Positioner with a brand-new model, thanks to the gifts of SAHF supporters.

Today's Limb Positioner is strong enough to hold a patient's arm at precisely the right angle for the duration of a surgery, and gentle so that patients are comfortable. Our brand-new model has a back-up battery, as a safeguard in the event of a power outage.

New technology is transforming healthcare every day. We thank our supporters for ensuring that Sault Area Hospital has the latest equipment to help the citizens of Algoma and beyond.


Help our hospital get the technology it needs to provide outstanding care




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