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How does SAH clean equipment?

This week, Sault Area Hospital celebrated its fantastic MDR (Medical Device Reprocessing) team. They work behind the scenes to wash, decontaminate, and sterilize every piece of equipment at Sault Area Hospital.

They couldn't do it without the support of our local community.

A room full of stainless steel industrial cleaning and sterilizing equipment
The MDRD at Sault Area Hospital cleans, sterilizes, and inspects every piece of equipment

The Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) works 24-7 behind the scenes at the hospital. Here, reusable tools and medical devices are cleaned, sterilized and inspected with state-of-the-art equipment.

The equipment used in the MDRD is funded by donations from our community. Last year, their donations funded crucial sterilizing equipment, helping to ensure that all equipment is cleaned to our high medical standards, right here in the hospital. This included an Instrument Washer and a Steam Sterilizer.

An MDRD technician loads an instrument washer

Instrument Washer

This equipment efficiently cleans, disinfects and dries surgical instruments and other reusable items.

A high-tech steam sterilizer

Steam Sterilizer

Steam effectively sterilizes surgical tools, neutralizing viruses.

The MDRD is a vital part of the hospital’s success. A fully operational MDRD means that doctors, surgeons, and nurses do not have to wait for clean tools to be available: everything is already in place and ready to be used. This means that patients can be seen on time, operations run smoothly, and the risk of infection is minimized. With specialized tools where the hospital may have limited inventory, quicker cleaning could allow for multiple procedures to be scheduled per day - reducing patient wait times!

MDRD tools ensure the overall efficiency of Sault Area Hospital, and impact every single person who goes to hospital. Thank you to our generous supporters - we couldn't do this without you!


You can help the MDR team keep the hospital running smoothly. Select the Area of Greatest Need Fund and note "Sterile Processing" in the comments when making your donation.




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