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Your support funds critical laboratory tests

Tucked away on the 3rd floor of the hospital, the Lab isn’t a department that many patients get to see – but it’s critical to the care we deliver at SAH.

From blood draws to tissue samples, swabs to biopsies, the lab processes thousands of tests every day. Having the right equipment in the lab can help us get critical answers for patients quickly. Fast results can mean patients spend less time worrying, and that they can start treatment sooner.

Here are three vital pieces of Lab Equipment in our Laboratory that supporters of Sault Area Hospital funded last year.
A laboratory technician uses the new Microtome

The Slide Stainer

When preparing a sample for analysis, it must be placed on a glass slide, prepared with special chemicals, and inserted into a coverslip. This is fiddly work that takes a lot of time. The Slide Stainer automates this process and reduces the risk of error, preparing up to 570 slides in an hour. That makes a huge difference to the care at Sault Area Hospital, as Pathologists can analyze more samples and give more life-changing diagnoses right here in Sault Ste. Marie.

Brian Kment and Holly Kajnar from the Pathology Department stand next to the new Cryostat

The Microtome

The Microtome cuts extremely thin slices of tissue (as thin as one cell) for review under a microscope. These tests help identify abnormal cells. While it takes a bit more time to prepare a sample with a microtome, it produces a high quality sample for detailed review.

The Cryostat

A Cryostat rapidly freezes and slices a tissue sample so it can be reviewed in under 30 minutes, often while surgery is happening. These samples help surgeons make fast decisions and change surgical plans if cancer is found.

Your support of Sault Area Hospital Foundation helps us to meet the needs of every department at the hospital, even those that are mostly hidden from public view! Thank you for your continued support.


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