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Five reasons to play the SAHF 50/50

Are you still on the fence about buying your 50/50 tickets this month? Here are 5 reasons why you should play – and it’s not just to win the jackpot!

1. Replace old equipment

Everything has an expiry date, and medical equipment is no exception! Manufacturers publish the length of time that a piece of equipment is safe to use, based on recommendations made by Health Canada and other certifying bodies. Replacement is usually recommended after 7-10 years.

Our new MRI machine is entirely funded by our local community – including the proceeds from your 50/50 tickets. It will be ready to use in the fall.

2. Recruit top medical professionals

Do you remember VHS tapes? Well, I bet your children (and grandchildren) have no idea what they are! Medical equipment is similarly upgraded with new technology as the years go by, and new medical professionals are trained to use the latest equipment available. Your support helps the hospital to have the tools that new staff are already familiar with – which helps to recruit top talent to Sault Area Hospital.

Contributions from our local community help to recruit top talent to Sault Area Hospital by funding the tools they need to work.

3. Reduce wait times
Dr Christa Cassalman and Dr Michael D'Agostino stood in front of the new slide stainer: an instrument that helps pathologists to find anomalies in tissue samples and make life-changing diagnostic decisions

Did you know that Sault Area Hospital has its own laboratory, full of microscopes and testing equipment? Or, that a whole department has cutting-edge technology dedicated to cleaning and sterilizing equipment every day? These departments help to keep the whole hospital running smoothly, and minimize the length of time that patients have to wait for test results and surgery.

4. Bring in new technology

New technology can give patients a brand new way to recover. For example, did you know that Sault Area Hospital uses Virtual Reality to help patients who have had a stroke? This technology helps patients to improve their mobility and dexterity.

5. It’s not all about winning the jackpot, but…

We consistently give away 6-figure jackpots to a member of our wonderful 50/50 community. This month, you could win… but only if you join in!

Every time you buy a ticket, half of the money goes in the pot, and half is donated to Sault Area Hospital Foundation. Last year, your participation in our lotteries helped to fund millions of dollars of new equipment, helping us to achieve all of the above.

SAHF needs your help again this year, and we would really appreciate your continued support!




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