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New Wheels for Pediatric Patients

Who doesn't love riding in style? For a moment, the ride can take away all the worries in the world. That’s exactly what the latest patient transport at Sault Area Hospital is aiming to do.

Inspired by a story from a pediatric hospital in California, CIBC Private Wealth Management Intrinsic Financial Group has made one of the most difficult moments for a child and their family a more comfortable one. Some of Sault Area Hospital’s smallest patients can now drive themselves to the Operating Room in a miniature Mercedes Benz S63 AMG, have their procedure, and get safely transported back in a new pediatric stretcher. This donation was built around making a patient and their family’s experience special.

We are so proud to be able to work alongside our donors and the staff of this hospital to make such heartwarming moments happen. Together, we make outstanding care possible.




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