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Norman says thank you!

Norman St. Germain wanted to recognize the great staff that are part of his care here at our local hospital.

Although the entire Renal staff takes great care of him, he indicated that Karen goes above and beyond to make him feel special. She helps him through his worst days. This is why he made a donation to our Foundation in her honour. Today he gave her a pin of gratitude and Karen was notified of his gift.

"It is so meaningful to be recognized in this way. Saying thank you is one thing, but supporting our hospital at the same time; that is so precious to me because I see the donation being put to such great use, helping the patients of our community." Karen Brunetta, RPN

This is such an incredible way to say thank you. Patients make a donation to support our local hospital and we work to ensure the staff member is recognized for their incredible efforts.

Join us in celebrating this gift and encouraging the community to show their gratitude in this incredibly meaningful way. Check out Karen’s pin next time you see her!




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