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Outstanding healthcare starts with HOPE.

For Jackson’s family, hope was there when they needed it the most. It was a regular day when Jackson, only 10 years old, suffered a fall when horseback riding and fractured his skull. He arrived at Sault Area Hospital confused and his consciousness declined. A CT scan showed a life-threatening brain bleed that was creating pressure in Jackson’s skull. Dr. Solomon and Dr. Ghosh worked to stabilize Jackson as access to Neurosurgical treatment was hours away.

Due to the severity of the injury, the Emergency and ICU teams needed to act quickly and had to make the difficult call to open Jackson’s skull in the Emergency Department, breaking normal protocol to save his life. Dr. Bodnar spent hours with ‘Criticall’, a provincial emergency hotline, consulting with the Pediatric ICU and Neurosurgical staff at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and coordinating with the local team. Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Fraser, was called in to operate bringing the appropriate tools and expertise in bone related procedures. The operation took over two hours in the middle of the night, but it was an overwhelming success and Jackson was stable and ready for transport.

This team of physicians along with Emergency Room staff were all focused on one goal, saving Jackson’s life. Every part played was crucial to deliver the outstanding care needed. The outcome was incredible and positive.

The collaboration of care providers didn’t stop there. When Jackson was stabilized Dr. Suppes, Erin (a registered nurse from our Intensive Care Unit), and Todd (a respiratory therapist), accompanied Jackson during transport to Toronto to make the transfer to Sick Kids as smooth as possible. Jackson required further surgery and intensive care, but the outstanding care he received right here in our community set him on the path to recovery.

Today Jackson is alive and well. He is preparing for his first Christmas since the injury.

A generous donation was made by the Filek family to thank the team of caregivers for the outstanding care delivered that day. This was the Fileks’ way of showing gratitude and helping spread hope to the next patients in need. The Sault Area Hospital Foundation Tree of Hope is exactly that. It’s a symbol of hope. The donations from our community purchase the essential medical equipment our care teams need to provide this type of outstanding care. Every year donors give to the Foundation at this time of year:

• to say thank you to a specific caregiver or department for outstanding care,

• to honour the members of our community that have touched our lives

(teachers, neighbours, family and friends, etc.),

• in memory of those we love and miss this time of year.

Each donation comes with its own reason; its own story. Every dollar brings hope for the future. We are encouraging donors to send a message to hang on the Tree of Hope. The tree is filled each year with ornaments that share inspiring messages. Some tell a story, some spread love, and many just say thank you. Each new ornament adds meaning to the Tree of Hope. It becomes a centerpiece of the Sault Area Hospital lobby and inspires each patient, family and visitor throughout the holiday season.

Consider a donation today. We will all need the services of Sault Area Hospital at some point in our lives, for ourselves and our loved ones and we are so grateful, especially when you hear a story like Jackson’s. Your donations help local healthcare professionals continue to deliver outstanding care, close to home. Your donation is hope.

Jackson’s incredible story highlights the outstanding multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and Allied staff at Sault Area Hospital. Our team is always standing ready and willing to go above and beyond in the care of our patients.

I would like to personally thank our community for their tremendous support of our programs.

- Dr. Rishi Ghosh, Medical Director of Critical Care and Cardiac Programs.




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