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Sault Shriners Focused on Supporting Newborns at Sault Area Hospital

The Shriners are a service club dedicated to fundraising for Shriners Hospital facilities to benefit the care patients receive.

Their donation is dedicated to support the Women and Children’s Health Program and assist in purchasing a new NICU ventilator. These ventilators are essential in supporting the smallest newborn babies at our local hospital. This equipment assists the newborn’s breathing as they strengthen and develop at their natural pace.

Thank you to each member of the Shriners for this generous donation and your commitment to helping ensure local children in need of care stay in our community, close to their families!

Left to Right: Henry Particelli, Jaclyn Armenti (Nurse Educator, SAH), Bob Key, Teresa Martone (Executive Director, SAHF), Harry Thomas and Ken Lamming



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