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Why Equipment Isn't Just Equipment

Patricia Pratt was at Sault Area Hospital when she experienced an unexpected cardiac episode. That day Patricia went into cardiac arrest and a team of local healthcare professionals worked together to continually resuscitate her.

An Intra-Aortic balloon pump was used to keep her alive and stable while she was transported to Sudbury for advanced care. Everyone that worked to save her life that day noted that they were able to do so because they had the equipment required to deliver her the care she needed. It is a miracle she survived this trauma.

Patricia says she does not recall the events that happened that day, but is unbelievably happy to be alive. Her family wanted to relay a message to our community:

“We have been told numerous times ‘it’s a miracle’ your Mom is still here. We are so very grateful to everyone that helped save her life that day and we are so appreciative to those that contribute to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation. When we heard the Balloon Pump was purchased just six months prior, we realized how great it is to be part of a community that gives so generously, a community that helped save our Mom’s life.” -Family of Patricia Pratt

The Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump was purchased just months before this incident occurred. One of the only avenues the Sault Area Hospital Foundation has to raise funds needed to purchase essential medical equipment is through gifts from the generosity of donation from our community. The fact that this life-saving piece of equipment was available, is because of you and the people of our community joining together to support our local care. This community saved Patricia’s life.

Everyday patients come to Sault Area Hospital for cardiac care, specialized cancer care, renal dialysis, surgeries, diagnostic tests and so much more. It is your donations that make the purchase of essential medical equipment a possibility. Without your generosity, we could not purchase the equipment needed to replace aging equipment, advance our care, keep patients in Sault Ste. Marie and ensure our care is Excellent.

You, your family members and friends give to make our local care exceptional, keep patients near their family, friends and home during care and as with Patricia’s experience - save lives.

Thank you!



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