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Over $100,000 of donations brings a new C-Arm to Sault Area Hospital

Over 700 supporters joined in and raised over $100,000 in support of a new Fluoroscopy C-Arm, bringing advanced medical imaging to the Sault Area Hospital Operating Rooms.

Not only that, but every dollar up to $100,000 will be doubled by our matching donor, Clark McDaniel of Williams and McDaniel Property Management.

Dr. Aziz and Dr. Elder are photographed on a blue background with the text, "The C-Arm is Vital for Urology and Orthopedic Surgery"

This month, we appealed to our amazing donors to support a new piece of equipment: a Fluoroscopy C-Arm. This important tool is used in the OR during surgery to produce an X-Ray moving image, allowing surgeons to see inside the body in real time. It is fundamental for urology and orthopedic surgeries.

Dr. Aziz, a Urologist at SAH, expressed the significance of the C-Arm, stating, "I use the C-Arm for 40% of my work. Without it, I would need to refer around 100 cases a month to out-of-town facilities.”

Similarly, Dr. Elder, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, shared how important the C-Arm is for his field, sharing, "My team repairs broken bones with plates, screws and rods. We can't do this work without the C-Arm."

Thanks to the incredible support of local people, the campaign raised a total of $116,441. And that's not all. Thanks to the generosity of our matching donor, Clark McDaniel, from Williams and McDaniel Property Management, every donation up to $100,000 will be doubled!

That brings our grand total to $216,441, covering the full cost of the Fluoroscopy C-Arm. Any remaining funds will be allocated toward fulfilling other medical imaging needs at SAH.

Clark McDaniel shared his motivation for giving, stating, “Investing in local healthcare is so important to me. Every family across Canada goes through a healthcare experience at some point in their lives – and it is only then that you realize how critical having access to outstanding local care really is.

For our families, friends, and the numerous residents and customers of Williams and McDaniel, I wanted to provide this support that would benefit the whole community. This C-Arm will touch the lives of thousands of people, and together we can bring it to Sault Area Hospital.”

The new Fluoroscopy C-Arm is expected to arrive at Sault Area Hospital later this year. Thanks to the generous support of SAH Foundation donors, the Surgical Care team will have access to the latest medical equipment to care for patients. Thank you!


Community support ensures that our local hospital has everything it needs to deliver the best possible care. Find out how you can support today.




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