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Dawson and Keenan supports Sault Area Hospital

Dawson and Keenan gives $15,000 towards the SAH Foundation's Area of Greatest Need fund, helping to support the most urgently needed medical equipment at Sault Area Hospital.

10 members of the Dawson and Keenan team at their office in Sault Ste Marie
Larry Day, President, and his team at Dawson and Keenan

Dawson and Keenan's donations to the Area of Greatest Need help to provide flexibility for the Foundation to fund the most urgently needed equipment at Sault Area Hospital and build resilience for the future.

Having the latest medical equipment at Sault Area Hospital ensures that the people of Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas can continue to receive outstanding healthcare for generations to come.

Not only is having the latest medical equipment important for patient care, it also helps the SAH care team. When care providers use up-to-date tools and technology, they know they are delivering the best possible care.

Plus, new technology helps to bring in new staff. Newly graduated physicians, surgeons, and technicians are trained on the latest equipment, so having this equipment at Sault Area Hospital is important for recruiting and retaining new medical professionals.

This donation is the latest in a long history of supporting local healthcare. Dawson and Keenan are long-time, loyal supporters of the Sault Area Hospital Foundation, giving over $60,000 in total.

Thank you to our community partners, Dawson and Keenan!


Help to bring new equipment to Sault Area Hospital




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