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Kathlyn surprises Steve with $217,897.50!

On February 26th at 11 am, Kathlyn Pearse of Hamilton, ON, won the $217,897.50 jackpot in the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s (SAHF) February electronic and online 50/50 draw. Her lucky number (P-5267581) was drawn electronically, and she was contacted immediately. Kathlyn, a former resident of Sault Ste. Marie, has been buying SAHF 50/50 tickets for a few months now – ever since she found out about the draw. “We’ve had family receive care at Sault Area Hospital and when I heard there was this great new lottery I started to tell all my friends that no longer live in the Soo,” said Kathlyn. “We’ve seen the hospitals in Southern Ontario running these, but none to the level of success of Sault Ste. Marie. It really makes me proud. When you grow up in Sault Ste. Marie, you learn generosity and to care for your community. It doesn’t surprise me at how the residents come together to support their hospital.” Kathlyn found out she was a winner just after 11 AM on Friday, but it didn’t really sink in until she surprised her fiancée Steve Bast. “I couldn’t really grasp it until I told Steve. I called a few flower shops for a last-minute delivery and when the last one heard why I needed them, the owner drove the delivery over herself. When I told Steve, and shared that excitement, it hit me.” Kathlyn and Steve are due to wed this fall. “We want to use some of this money to celebrate and bring family together when it is safe to do so.” February’s prize marks the sixth straight jackpot of over $200,000 for the monthly draws. “Running these online 50/50 draws through the pandemic this past year has been such a highlight for our Foundation. Every draw has given us incredible stories, like Kathlyn and Steve’s, and has generated incredible support for our hospital. Seeing former residents of Sault Ste. Marie help make a difference in our community is inspirational,” said Teresa Martone, Executive Director, Sault Area Hospital Foundation. “This month marked our 16th draw – raising over $1.8 million for our hospital through 50/50. That funding has purchased equipment for our Lab, ventilators for our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and Neonatal ICU, wireless cardiac monitors, medication dispensing cabinets… and this is just scratching the surface! Your support is making this all possible. Thank you.” Sault Area Hospital Foundation is striving to reach a fundraising target of $5 million a year, and the 50/50 draw plays a major role in that goal. Tickets for SAHF’s March 50/50 draw are already on sale, and the grand prize grows with every purchase. ‘$1,000 Thursdays’ early bird draws continue this month, starting March 4th – so don’t wait, get your tickets now! Each early bird prize includes $500 cash and two $250 gift cards supporting local businesses. This month’s early bird prizes include:

  • Early Bird Draw #1 – March 4 at 11am Prize ($1,000 value) - $500 Cash + $250 Onofrio’s Gift Card + $250 Country Way Gift Card

  • Early Bird Draw #2 – March 11 at 11am Prize ($1,000 value) - $500 Cash + $250 Prouse Chev Gift Card + $250 Metro Gift Card

  • Early Bird Draw #3 – March 18 at 11am Prize ($1,000 value) - $500 Cash + $250 Aurora’s Gift Card + $250 Hogan’s Homestead Gift Card

  • Early Bird Draw #4 – March 25 at 11am Prize ($1,000 value) - $500 Cash + $250 Paesano Foods Gift Card + $250 Steelton Shoes Gift Card

From the time of purchase, tickets are eligible for all upcoming draws this month – including the grand prize at the end of the month. Tickets will be available for purchase until March 30th at 9 PM and the draw takes place on March 31st at 11 AM. Congratulations to last month’s early bird winners: Marnie Merrifield (P-5761796), Gregory Nebonaionoquet (P-5115747​), Stephanie Shiels (P-2418620) & Katie Alessandrini (P-3637638)​ SAHF 50/50 tickets can be purchased by anyone 18+ years old within the province of Ontario at Visit the page regularly and follow us on Facebook where the winning number reveal takes place live for each draw. On behalf of the entire community, thank you to all who continue to support. When our hospital purchases equipment like this, we all win. Licence # 1198523




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