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Wendy wins $294,977.50 in SAHF 50/50

On December 31st at 11 am, Wendy Booth of Sault Ste. Marie, ON, won the $294,977.50 jackpot in the Sault Area Hospital Foundation’s (SAHF) December electronic and online 50/50 draw. Her lucky number (N-1454397) was drawn electronically, and she was contacted immediately. December’s SAHF 50/50 started with a guaranteed $200,000 prize which in the final week grew and came within $3,000 of a record prize. This massive prize helped Wendy ring in the New Year with resolutions to help her family enjoy time together by establishing a new place to gather. “Although we were unable to spend these holidays together, we are looking forward to the future. We are planning to build a camp for our family to spend our vacations and weekends at and enjoy the outdoors,” said Wendy about her family’s initial plans. “We are planning for the future.” Wendy started purchasing SAHF 50/50 tickets when her coworkers had told her about the easy and affordable way to support local care. “I have such a respect for healthcare workers and everything they are doing for our community during this pandemic. To be able to support and get a chance at a prize like this, even as someone that doesn’t usually purchase tickets, I wanted to be a part of it. I never thought I’d win!” Wendy’s prize marks the fourth straight prize of over $200,000 for the monthly draw. Sault Area Hospital Foundation also keeps $297,977.50. From these proceeds, expenses to conduct and promote the draw are paid and the remainder is put towards purchasing medical equipment needed at Sault Area Hospital. “We have completed our first full year running SAHF 50/50. We are seeing supporters consistently support month after month and we are able to award prizes above $200,000 for the past four months. As we plan for 2021, we know that we are going to continue to make changes to make the draws even more exciting, support local businesses with our early bird prizes, and look back to our supporters to choose where they’d like to see the funds go. We have the option to designate the funds to a large purchase at Sault Area Hospital or purchase many less expensive items. We are just putting together the options and will look for input from our supporters soon. It’s an exciting year for supporters of SAHF 50/50!” says Teresa Martone, Executive Director, Sault Area Hospital Foundation Tickets for SAHF’s January’s 50/50 draw are already on sale, and the grand prize grows with every purchase. ‘$1,000 Thursdays’ early bird draws continue this month, with the first two draws on January 7th – so get your tickets now! Each early bird prize includes $500 cash and two $250 gift cards supporting local businesses. This month’s early bird prizes include:

  • Early Bird Draw #1 – January 7 at 11 am $500 Cash + $250 Meat the Butcher Gift Card + $250 Tim Horton’s Gift Card

  • Early Bird Draw #2 – January 7 at 11 am $500 Cash + $250 Savoy’s Jewelers Gift Card + $250 Grand Gardens Gift Card

  • Early Bird Draw #3 – January 14 at 11 am $500 Cash + $250 Romes Gift Card + $250 OC Bath and Body Gift Card

  • Early Bird Draw #4 – January 21 at 11 am $500 Cash + $250 Hiawatha Highlands Gift Card + $250 Art Gabriels Gift Card

From the time of purchase, tickets are eligible for all upcoming draws this month – including the grand prize at the end of the month. Tickets will be available for purchase until January 28th at 9 pm, and the grand prize draw will take place on January 29th at 11 am.

Congratulations to last month’s early bird winners: Beverly Cyr (N-1069862), Joe Tucci (N-2024489), Karen Golec (N-5660779) and Miriam Pinder (N-2813756).

SAHF 50/50 is supported by and Village Media, who are dedicated to making a difference in our community.

SAHF 50/50 tickets can be purchased by anyone 18+ years old within the province of Ontario at Visit the page regularly and follow us on Facebook where the winning number reveal takes place live for each draw.

On behalf of the entire community, thank you to all who continue to support. When our hospital purchases equipment like this, we all win.

December Licence # 12329

January Licence # 1198523




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