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Local support keeps kids safe at SAH

3-year-old Leah Sperry is one of many local children who gets care at Sault Area Hospital.

3-year-old Leah sits at her high chair at home. She is wearing a pink top and smiling at the camera.
3-year-old Leah needs additional care when she stays overnight in hospital

Heather Sperry has a lot of experience with medical care. Her daughter, Leah is just three years old, and together they have spent 1,012 days in hospital.

“Leah has 37 specialty teams looking after her.” Heather explains, “She is a special kid.”

Just like any toddler, Leah is figuring out how to navigate the world and never stops moving. The difference is that Leah can have up to six lines connected to her little body at once when she stays overnight in hospital, meaning that a fall can inflict life-threatening injuries.

“Leah has a central line that feeds directly into her heart – that is where she receives her medication, nutrition, and hydration.” Heather explains, “We thought, what are we going to do to keep her from falling out of her bed?”

Thanks to donations from our community, the Sault Area Hospital Paediatrics department has the answer. This year, SAHF funded a paediatric safety bed for kids with complex medical needs, like Leah. Its high walls prevent children from climbing over the top or falling out, and it is designed to let IV lines pass through without getting tangled.


“I want donors to know what a difference they make. For us, for our family, just knowing that Leah is safe in her bed is huge.”

Heather Sperry


Two young children are in a special bed at SAH. The walls are high and transparent, meaning they cannot fall out but can still see the rest of their family. Leah, 3, is mid-bounce on the bed, smiling. Her lines fit through a gap as per the bed's design.
Leah and her brother in the new paediatric safety bed at SAH

“The bed is also a lot bigger. Sometimes, Leah’s brother has to come along to appointments with us – and it means that the kids can sit together,” Heather adds. During Leah’s last transfusion, her big brother was there to give her a cuddle.

Heather is thankful that Leah can receive a lot of her care at their local hospital in Sault Ste. Marie. “Having care close to home means that we can access support from our family, our friends and community. It means I can be a mom to my other child. He needs his mom, too!”

Your gifts are the reason equipment, like this safety bed, is here!

On behalf of Heather, Leah, and all the families that will use the paediatric safety bed, thank you for your commitment to making outstanding care possible at Sault Area Hospital.


Your donations make it possible for Sault Area Hospital to provide outstanding care to every patient, young and old.



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