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Local kids fundraise in honour of Mom!

Olivia and William raised an amazing $232.50 selling lemonade to their neighbours. They donated the proceeds to SAHF in support of Cancer Care after their mom's battle with cancer.

Two children sit at a home-made lemonade stand
Olivia, 10, and William, 7, raised a whopping $232.50 for Cancer Care

This summer, Olivia and William Rathwell built a lemonade stand from scratch – with only a little help from dad. They made posters, advertised to the neighbours, and made lemonade with one person in mind – their mom, Sherri.

“In 2020, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, ALL,” Sherri shares. ALL is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow. “In November 2020, I underwent a bone marrow transplant.”

Sherri is now on the mend and is grateful for care she received at Sault Area Hospital. “I received phenomenal care from everyone,” she says. “I’m still under the supervision of Dr. Hill in the Cancer Clinic, he is very happy with my progress.”

Sherri set a goal this spring. She decided to run at least 5km in a race - and she ended up running three races! “My life is different since my diagnosis.” Sherri shares. “My priorities have changed. I am more focused on my health, being present every day and spending time with my kids and husband.”

Since Sherri’s treatment, she and her family try to do more together. Her son, William, ran all three races with her, and her daughter, Olivia, participated in one, too. For the other two races she stood with her dad, grandma and papa on the sidelines, cheering them on.

Olivia, 10, and William, 7, celebrated their donation with a photo in the Cancer Clinic with mom, dad, and grandma. Pina Paluzzi, Patient Care Manager in Cancer Care (right), accepted the donation.

“My bone marrow donor was a runner, so I ran to honour her.” Sherri explains. “I run with my kids, so we get to spend time together doing something active.”

When her kids decided to raise money for charity this summer, they wanted to support a cause that changed their family’s lives. They raised a total of $232.50, which they directed towards Cancer Care at Sault Area Hospital.

On behalf of the SAH Cancer Clinic and all of the patients that will benefit from this wonderful donation, a huge thank you to these young entrepreneurs for choosing to support local healthcare!


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