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National Supply puts local first

Albert Giommi believes that the money businesses bring into our community should stay in our community – making it better for everyone who lives here. This is one of the key reasons that his business, National Supply Centre, has committed to donate $10,000 annually to help purchase essential medical equipment here at Sault Area Hospital and invites the community to join them in supporting as well. National Supply has selected SAHF as a top charity of choice.

When asked why they decided to support our local hospital, Maria Thibault, Purchasing and Sales at National Supply responds, “Everyone in our community deserves great care. We shouldn’t have to travel for it. It is our responsibility as citizens and local business owners of this community to support local healthcare, so that’s what we’ve chosen to do.”

National Supply Centre’s donation to Sault Area Hospital Foundation will pay for critical medical equipment, ensuring our hospital has the tools they need to support services and keep as many patients as possible in our community for care. “It’s an investment in Sault Ste. Marie’s future.” Thibault explains.

The team at National Supply Centre is family; some by blood, and some through the relationships they have built working together for years. The support they offer is engrained in their values. “We are a local business that wants to support our local hospital. Keeping our donations local is important. We want to set a good example and encourage other businesses to do what they can to support. Let’s give together and ensure that everyone can stay in our community for care. Sault Ste. Marie is our home and we want to continue to support this incredible city we love.” Gary Kindred, General Manager, National Supply.

“National Supply has shown they are focused on ensuring Sault Ste. Marie continues to be a prosperous community with a great local hospital. National Supply understands that the Hospital has continual medical equipment needs and upgrades each year. It’s not about just their family and friends, but for everyone across our community.” Teresa Martone, Executive Director, Sault Area Hospital Foundation

On behalf of the Sault Area Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, Executive Director and Staff, we would like to thank Albert Giommi and his team at National Supply Centre for their passion to ensure every patient of our hospital has access to outstanding care, right here in Sault Ste. Marie. Thank you!




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