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Osmometer - Purchased with SAHF 50/50 proceeds

You bought a ticket; we got equipment!

Since November, SAHF 50/50 has raised over $170,000 for our hospital. Your ticket purchases are helping support outstanding care, buying critical medical equipment for our hospital. Thanks to you, SAH has a brand new “osmometer”.

An osmometer is an important tool in the SAH laboratory. It measures the concentration of a solution in blood or urine. Our lab uses it to help measure electrolytes, evaluate kidney function, and determine the volume of alcohol or drugs in a patient’s system so we can best help them.These tests were used over 1,800 times in 2019 to help care for local patients.

The results from the osmometer can help local physicians make life-saving treatment decisions

Your support of our 50/50 draw made this purchase possible.

Every dollar raised through SAHF 50/50, and every dollar donated to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation makes purchases like this possible.




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